AVOD System

Mass Storage Server

Donica server with Up to 1.6TB storage and redundant system for content ensures the variable content onboard.


Crew Management Terminal offers a convenient way for crew and line maintenance to operate the system. 

10 inch smart LCD

10 inch high resolution touch screen samrt LCD with latest technology. 


Donica AVOD system gives the priority for airline custmization. With its cost advantages, Donica AVOD system is an ideal choice for regional customers. 

In-Flight Wi-Fi Hardware System

Donica’s revolutionary Wi-Fi 6000 is the latest generation of WLAN systems and has fewer LRUs along with spectacular increases in system performance. All the components are now in the cabin without boxes in the E/E bay.  

● Full HD streaming with 2-3 WAPs for narrow body

● Low power consumption & low weight, easy retrofit

● Up to 1.6TB Mass storage capacity

● New Gen.WAP with intelligent antenna system

● Easy upload via Ethernet, USB or SSD exchange

WAP with 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac standard 

● Connectivity (Satcom/ATG) compatible

With new generation high performance cabin wireless access point and revolutionary CNSU as server & visualized access terminal, Donica Wi-Fi solution requires a minimum modification to aircraft (<100 man hours). The 10.1inch display on CNSU unit, an all-in-one equipment as head-end server, cabin control & system maintenance panel offers a simple and convenient terminal for line maintenance and crew to operate the system. 


Wireless Audio/Video on Demand 

Wi- Fi  Ready

Existing Seat Integration

Aged Monitor Replacement


Minimum # of LRUs

Cabin Full Coverage

24 Hours Installation

Open Architecture for Integrating With Connectivity

High Speed Cabin Connectivity

Ku/Ka Satellite Solution 


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