2006 the first replaceable IFE
in domestic

2008 Launched the first QACVR
in domestic

2010 DMR achineved 80% market share in domestic and mean while AVOD system was launched

2011 Donica International (Miami) Co. Ltd. was founded

2012 Donica International obtained EASA-DOA, FAA-STC certifications

2014 In-flight Wi-Fi system was pushed out as new product on the market successfully

2014 QACVR obtained the National Key New Products and Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award

2016 ....

2003 Donica Aviation Engineering
Co. Ltd.was founded

2007 Obtained the CAAC’s PMA
MDA MOC certifications

2010 Acquired the certification of ISO9001 as well as National/SHENZHEN High-tech Certification

2011 Donica International (London)
Co. Ltd. was founded

2012 Obtained confidential certification of big six film studios in Hollywood

2014 Donica obtained EASA-POA certification

2014 Compiled QACVR CTSO standard

2016 CCAC’s in-flight Wi-Fi system industrial standard compiled by Donica published officially

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